PSICS - the Parallel Stochastic Ion Channel Simulator
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Passive propagation

Source code of the subroutine that updates the membrane potential. The local inputs are the current membrane potential, any current or voltage clamps on the cell, and the effective conductance and reversal potential that the ion channels provide for each compartment.

The other input quantities define the electrical structure of the discretized cell and are fixed throughout the calculation.

Fixed quantities

Declarations of structural quantities: these are fixed throughout the calculation

        integer, intent(in) :: ncompartments, nconnections, ncc, nvc
        integer, dimension(nconnections), intent(in) :: con_from, con_to
        real, dimension(nconnections), intent(in) :: con_conductance, con_capacitance
        real, dimension(ncompartments) :: cpt_capacitance
        real, intent(in) :: dt, ftimediff
        integer, dimension(ncc), intent(in) :: pos_ccs
        integer, dimension(nvc), intent(in) :: pos_vcs

Local inputs

The effective conductance and reversal potential arising from combining all the channels on each compartment, and the values ov current clamps and voltage clamps.

        real, dimension(ncompartments), intent(in)  :: gchan, echan
        real, dimension(ncc), intent(in) :: ccvals
        real, dimension(nvc), intent(in) :: vcvals

Work arrays and output

The diag, rhs, and offdiag are internal work arrays. v is the membrane potential: both input and output

        real, dimension(ncompartments), intent(inout) :: v
        real, dimension(ncompartments) :: diag, rhs
        real, dimension(nconnections) :: offdiag
        real :: fcn, a, b
        integer :: i, i_from, i_to, icpt
        real :: f

Set up

Populate the matrices and rhs vector. The matrix elements are stored in the diag and offdiag arrays. The off-diagonal elements are stored by connection rather than by compartment.

        v(pos_vcs) = vcvals;
        do i = 1, ncompartments
            a = dt * gchan(i)
           rhs(i) = a * (echan(i) - v(i))
           diag(i) = cpt_capacitance(i) + fcn * a
        end do

       do i = 1, ncompartments
            a = dt * gchan(i)
           rhs(i) = a * (echan(i) - v(i))
           diag(i) = cpt_capacitance(i) + fcn * a
        end do

        do i = 1, nconnections
           a = dt * con_conductance(i)
           offdiag(i) = -fcn * (con_capacitance(i) + a)
        end do

        rhs(pos_ccs) = rhs(pos_ccs) + dt * ccvals;

        do i = 1, nconnections
           b = dt * con_conductance(i) * (v(con_from(i)) - v(con_to(i)))
           rhs(con_to(i)) = rhs(con_to(i)) + b
           rhs(con_from(i)) = rhs(con_from(i)) - b
           diag(con_to(i)) = diag(con_to(i)) - offdiag(i)
           diag(con_from(i)) = diag(con_from(i)) - offdiag(i)
        end do

        diag(pos_vcs) = 1.
        rhs(pos_vcs) = 0;

Forward sweep

Eliminates points to the right of the leading diagonal, working from the bottom up so that no new elemnts are introduced

        do i = nconnections, 1, -1
            i_from = con_from(i)
            i_to = con_to(i)
            f = offdiag(i) / diag(i_to)
            rhs(i_from) = rhs(i_from) - f * rhs(i_to)
            diag(i_from) = diag(i_from) - f * offdiag(i)
        end do

        diag(pos_vcs) = 1.
        rhs(pos_vcs) = 0;


The only complication here is that because the loop is over connections, not compartments, it is necessary to check for when a complete row has been finished in order to normalize by the diagonal.

        icpt = 1
        do i = 1, nconnections
            if (con_to(i) .ne. icpt) then
                rhs(icpt) = rhs(icpt) / diag(icpt)
                icpt = con_to(icpt)
            end if
            rhs(con_to(i)) = rhs(con_to(i)) - offdiag(i) * rhs(con_from(i))
        end do
        rhs(ncompartments) = rhs(ncompartments) / diag(ncompartments)

        v = v + rhs

The last step above is to increment v by the deltaV values that are in the rhs array.

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