PSICS - the Parallel Stochastic Ion Channel Simulator
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Cell Environment

The CellEnvironment object sets the external temperature of the cell and defines the ions that are to be included in the simulation. Each ion has an id that is used by other components that need to refer to it. This block should contain all the ions that are referenced from other model components. At present, a reversal potential is directly associated with each ion. Future versions may implement the more realistic alternative of specifying internal and external solutions from which the reversal potential can be derived.


The envorinment in which the cell model operates

Standalone model

The cell environment includes the temprature and a list of ions. For each ion the reveral potential should be set explicitly rather than providing internal and external solutions.


temperatureFloating point valuetemperature in CelsiusCelsius0, 40


Element typeRole
IonIons involved in the simulation


within: CellEnvironment

Ion definitions


ididentifierSymbol for the ionyes
reversalPotentialFloating point valueShort-cut for specifying the electrical potential for each ion instead of setting the concentrations and calculating itmV(-100, 100)
nameplain textFull name for the ion

Elements - No child elements are allowed

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